“At South Suburban Montessori School, the teachers are the value-added. They create positive, trusting relationships that encourage students to feel safe and valued so they can concentrate on tasks, allowing students to focus on activities until skills are mastered.  These early learning experiences, are hands-on learning. The emphasis is on concrete, rather than abstract learning, as students work on activities that teach language, math, culture and practical life lessons. Our son has become more responsible and self-directed through his experiences every day at school.” – Jennifer Picha

“Inside the classrooms at South Suburban, my children are learning by interacting with concepts and ideas rather than simply memorizing facts.  Their emotional intelligence (EQ) as well as their IQ are being nurtured.  They are learning for themselves – by choosing projects and working on them to completion.  I believe by sending my children to South Suburban, I am providing them with an opportunity to experience the internal rewards of learning – the pride and joy received from new found knowledge or new skills developed.  I believe a Montessori school cultivates a foundation for a lifetime of self-fulfillment and develops children into self-sufficient individuals.”The Figer Family

“SSMS has provided our daughter with a holistic approach to education and learning.  Not only is she advancing academically through the range of work available to her, the mixed aged classroom, the emphasis on independence, and the social development ensure that our daughter is gaining the interpersonal skills to be a well rounded and adjusted individual.”  – N. Perez

“South Suburban Montessori School is a hidden treasure. Since the first Open House we attended, our experience has been overwhelmingly positive.  Its just the simple and personal way they do everything here.  From the hand to hand drop off/pick up process, the open door policy to visit your child in the classroom, to the way you are always greeted by name when you walk in the door.  Every experience is personal, even when it comes to the curriculum.  My children has a spark in their eyes and an excitement about learning.  Their interests are considered, feelings are respected, and they are constantly being challenged to work toward mastery.  We as a family are learning in a well rounded and authentic Montessori way and it is a delight.”  –The Marzich Family