Enrollment at South Suburban Montessori School

South Suburban Montessori School takes pride in offering the unique teaching philosophies of Dr. Maria Montessori in our Toddler, Children’s House, Elementary and Middle School programs.  We are looking to partner with families who share complimentary values and beliefs about education. Admission decisions are based on a very careful, holistic assessment of each student and their overall learning style. Our goal throughout the admissions process is to find a positive, balanced fit between student, family, and school.

A child demonstrating the following qualities would be most likely to succeed in a Montessori environment:

-Willingness to investigate and take risks
-Enjoyment in choosing among several options
-A self-directed learner
-Ability to work independently
-Ability to follow through and complete tasks
-Respect for self, the environment, and others
-An awareness of personal responsibility
-Ability to work with others
-Respect for personal and academic endeavors

While South Suburban Montessori School accepts applications from students with various or distinct learning styles, we strive to balance the needs and characteristics of prospective students with those of our current student body and the expertise of our teaching faculty.

For more information please email our Admissions Team at .

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