Complementary Subjects

All students at SSMS participate in the Orff Music program conducted by an experienced music teacher, which combines sound, movement, speech and drama. Older students play in the school band, practicing their chosen instrument twice a week.

Art is integrated into programs at all levels, while Spanish language instruction begins at age 3, continuing through 8th grade. Physical education and movement are emphasized in every grade, beginning in the Toddler Room and Children’s House, where students learn through tumbling, playing with balls and enjoying nature walks. In Elementary and Middle School activities expand based on each child’s interests, and may include swimming, skiing, tennis, golf, horseback riding, basketball, volleyball, track/field and soccer.

Students enjoy outdoor learning and nature walks in our Blossom Hill Complex, which is surrounded by creeks, woods, a “dirt mountain,” sports fields and wild flower gardens to explore. Adventure trips and team building activities begin at age 5, including day and overnight field trips, and the Land Lab Program meets at Spice Acres Farm (part of Countryside Conservancy) five weeks a year in Middle School.

Afterschool arts and crafts, dance, sign language, theater, Taekwondo, and cooking classes are offered to all students enrolled in the Children’s House, Elementary and Middle School programs. Each activity has specific dates, age requirements and costs for each session. Activities are scheduled alternatively and are held once a week for a period of six to twelve weeks.