Indexed Tuition Program

Indexed Tuition Program

South Suburban Montessori School (SSMS) seeks students whose families are committed to the vision of the school and to using their own resources as much as possible to make a SSMS education their top iStock_000006730085Smallpriority.

We understand some families are unable to fully meet the financial obligations of sending their child to SSMS.  We encourage them to apply under the School’s Indexed Tuition Program through are partner FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment Services.

To determine your level of financial assistance:

1. Apply online to FACTS and provide all of the information required for their analysis. There is a small fee payable to them for this service.

2. FACTS will give us a summary report and recommendations for tuition levels and financial assistance.

3. We will apply this information to our indexed tuition program guidelines.

4. SSMS will notify families who apply regarding available support within in 15 days of receiving a complete FACTS analysis.

Download our Indexed Tuition Brochure.

Click here for FACTS Information Sheet.

Apply for our Indexed Tuition program online by visiting