Spirit of SSMS Annual Fund

It is with great enthusiasm that we launch our 2016 Spirit of South Suburban Annual Fund. Our spirit has been the sustaining current for our community for over 40 years. We invite each member of our community to make a gift in support of our mission and ongoing work. Our goal is to have 100% participation and raise $15,000.

The Spirit of South Suburban Annual Fund is a key source of expendable support that affects virtually everything we do, from providing materials and enhancing academic programs to funding strategic priorities.

There are many reasons to give to the Spirit of South Suburban Annual Fund. Here are just a few:

  • You think changing a child’s life is a pretty good return on investment
  • You know that South Suburban depends on fundraising support to invest in ‘extras’ like capital improvement projects, teacher education opportunities and material improvements.
  • You want to give back to South Suburban because South Suburban has given so much to you and your child
  • Annual Fund giving is tax deductible while tuition payments are not
  • You love our school
  • Each and every gift makes a difference

So the real question is, why NOT give to the Spirit of South Suburban Annual Fund?

You can also significantly increase the value of your annual gift to South Suburban with a matching gift.  Thousands of companies and corporations will match gifts to not-for-profit schools. If your (or your spouse’s) employer participates in a matching gift program, please include the matching gift form with your annual contribution. Your matching gift will double or, in some cases, triple your contribution to SSMS. Please contact your HR department for more information.

Every gift matters!

Levels of Giving

  • $0-$499: Friend of SSMS
  • $500-$999: Supporter
  • $1,000-$2,499: Patron
  • $2,500-$4,999: Benefactor
  • $5,000 and over: Visionary